Monday, January 24, 2011

100 Day Challenge...Day 9 and 10

Well, it really is kind of annoying to blog every single day...Sunday is my party day and I do nothing but play.

I've been eating the usual stuff: Papayas, mangoes, oranges, bananas, dates, lots of chard and spinach...I'm averaging about 3000 calories per day. I've noticed that I tend to eat a few hundred calories more on the day AFTER I go for a run, whatever that means. Building up glycogen stores, perhaps?

My pants are finally starting to fit a little better, which is nice. I've had quite the holiday season.

Okay, the blog wouldn't be complete without a little grossness here and there. How about we cap this thing off with a little menstruation? Let me give you a little background information: I have 2 children AND an IUD (copper, absolutely no chemicals or hormones) so my periods are pretty intense. I have insane cramping, which started after my first child was born and improved slightly after getting my IUD post-baby number two. However, they are still moderate to severe, although not nearly as bad as some women I've heard from. The worst thing, though, is my heavy flow day. The second day of my cycle is the day where I can't get anything done because my flow is so heavy I completely saturate a super plus tampon in an hour. This, combined with awful pain, is something I'm really looking forward to improving.

Well, that awful second day was yesterday, and I am very excited about the improvements. I'm only on day 11, not even one month in, not even TWO WEEKS in, and my flow was considerably lighter. I had some cramping but I would say it was about 60% of what I normally have. Check this out: I ran out of super plus tampons and only had regular absorbency, and I didn't have any problems. Oh, sure, I was changing them out every 2 hours or so, but last month, I was doing the exact same thing with super pluses. What is this OMG I can't even...too happy to express myself clearly. I will use this graph to illustrate my feelings.


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  1. This thing seriously changed my life.. or at least those horrible 3-7 days a month.