Saturday, January 22, 2011

100 Day Challenge...Day 8

Guess what I did this morning! I bought more stuff online :) I picked some adorable little plastic Fruit Beads! I'm going to make 80 10 10 jewelry with them. Don't worry, I'll show you guys what I come up with. In the meantime, you could take a peek over at my blog Kombucha Diva's Handmades and look at the beautiful color combinations I've been blending out of synthetic hair for a brand new dread set I'm creating.

Oh, but you wanted pictures of actual fruit. All right.

Breakfast!! Oh, you know you want it. Delicious blueberries...such a rare treat for those of us who is po'.


Ok, peoples...this is where the magic happens! I really didn't want to share this with you because I thought you might come and buy all the awesome fruit up, but I'll throw down with you for these deals. Or try and share.



It's so great I want to live there. To find it, be in Sacramento and go to Fulton and Alta Arden, across the street from Target.

Yesterday I ate:

Tropical fruit salad with bananas, pineapple and mango

Banana, date and spinach smoothie

Oranges and bananas

Persimmon and apple fruit salad with cinnamon

Total calories: 2852

I had an awesome moment this morning when I finished my run. Normally when I exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach I get all cranky and sometimes have a headache. Blood sugar issues, obviously. I prefer to exercise this way, but always hated the crazy side effects. Well, this morning I got back from my run and felt nothing but awesomely alive with energy, with no irritation or headaches. In fact, I had plenty of time to stretch and shower before preparing my juice breakfast, and I'm really excited about this new development because blood sugar control is my long-time nemesis. Perhaps he no longer hates me as he once did :)

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