Saturday, January 15, 2011

100 Day Challenge...Day 2

Felt AMAZING when I woke up this morning, about an hour earlier than usual. Went by myself down to the farmer's market and back, so a little over an hour's walk. I picked up 2 huge bundles of red and yellow chard for a buck each, and a 25lb bag of Navels, as my favorite vendor doesn't have the Valencias anymore.

I repeat: Valencias are out of season.

I was like this.


Only my hair wasn't nearly as perfect. It IS looking great right now, I have a new set of handmade synthetic dreads installed that are getting me compliments every single time I leave the house. It's a good time to be me right now :)

Anyway, so far I'm feeling light and calm, much better than before. No problems to report thus far. Tomorrow I'll be doing some strength training with Bob Harper the Vegan. That's his official title now. I managed to get a copy of his Super Strength workout, and after previewing it I'm anticipating awesomeness.

Today I'm eating:

Breakfast: Juice of 8 oranges, 4 carrots, 2 inches of ginger and 1 head of romaine lettuce

First Lunch: Smoothie with 3 cups spinach, 8 medjool dates, and 4 bananas

Second Lunch: 1 pineapple and 4 bananas, cut up all cute into a fruit salad

Dinner: Bananas, persimmons, and dates with cinnamon


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