Friday, January 14, 2011

100 Day Challenge...

...long time no blog. The holiday season ravaged my life. I'm sure this rings true for all of you, as well. I've been playing with my new Sony EReader and gearing up for my next 2 year degree at GCNM, not to mention working with a family member on my brand new website! It's been a busy few weeks, but I have something new to blog about.

Thanks to some inspiration and a brand new group forming on 30BAD, I've decided to join in and officially kick off a 100 day LFRV challenge. Starting today, I'll be adhering to a stricter raw regimen, eating only fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The easiest part of this is all the practice I've had, listing lazily back and forth between 50 - 80% raw for the last two years.

Thanks to a brand new local market that just opened up a mile or so from my house, eating a natural diet is even cheaper than it was before. No joke, I take home giant, fully ripe mangoes for 50 cents each since no one seems to want to buy ripe fruit. Insanity. Seriously, it's the greatest place ever. I'll have to take pictures for you guys.

While we're on the subject of pictures, Let me share with you just some of the food I've got stocked up to feed me this week.

These are oranges I got at the new market, they aren't the glorious Valencias from the farmers market, but they are juicy, delicious Navels that I got for 50 cents a bag. I bough enough bags to completely fill up this giant plastic detergent bucket for about 3$


3 pounds of soft Medjool dates


Pineapples were 2 for 3$ so I had to splurge and grab 2 for a little variety. That package of apples was 99 cents. I also got another bag of about 8 small local pink lady apples for 50 cents, and my Mom brought me another pineapple this morning, so I've got 3 of them.


I ate 2 of these with breakfast today, they were DELICIOUS!


Some of my bananas...I've been stopping off at my local chain grocery store in the morning to grab the 99 cents bags of "ugly" bananas, which is usually quite heavy. This is also how I tend to get my vegetables and greens, as well.


Of course, I still have a big paper bag full of persimmons! They're all ready to eat but keep for so long that find myself adding them in here and there instead of mono mealing them. They're there in a pinch if I need them.


On top of all this I have plenty of romaine and spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, red bell peppers, and of course avocados, chia seeds, raw almonds and cashews. I'm planning on giving myself a few overt-free days while my body does it's heaviest detoxing, and then start adding in half an avocado or so every other day. This, of course, can change, as I'll be listening to my body and might hold off of them for longer or add them in sooner.

Day One so far is looking good. I've had a big breakfast of mangoes and bananas, and I'm currently noshing on spinach Dateorade for first lunch. Now I'm off to deliberate over which book to use for my book report. Right now I'm considering these:

Creating Healthy Children

The China Study (obviously)

Sunfood Diet Success System

I'd love to hear feedback about the first if anyone's read it.


  1. Wow this is awesome I wish I could get cheap mangoes right now! Where do you live?

  2. Sacramento, CA! And yeah, that's a steal for mangoes. They normally charge between 1$ to 1.40$, but the "ugly" ones go for 2 for 1$. Can't beat it.

  3. I hear The China Study is good, but seems like a "no duh" when it comes to nutrition. There is also a bunch of talk online with natural foodie bloggers about how The China Study was debunked (

    Either way its on my 'to read' list for 2011... The book and the articles.

  4. Hey Danielle, I was considering it since my focus is going to be whole food plant based diets career-wise, and I'm looking for something that will go with my thesis. I've read the first half and it was amazing, just kind of got too busy to really finish it :) I've heard about the so-called debunking, we've got a thread for debunking the debunkers over on 30BAD, lol.