Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Okay, the orange thing...

...Wow, that worked. I managed to eat nothing but orange juice and cucumbers all freaking day, and bleeeehhhh, I felt awful by the end of the day. Stirred up something nasty that was lurking in my cells and oh, man, by the end of the day I was laid up on the couch. I went to bed very early that night, and slept in the next day, where I promptly ate bananas and dates and didn't even look at an orange for the entire day. Now it's breakfast time and I'm drinking OJ, loving it once more. Now I know why they put citrus in cleaning products. Yikes.

Today my OJ also has carrots and an entire head of romaine juiced into it, so I'm eating my breakfast AND my salad for the day in one go. I'm a multi-tasker this morning. Seriously, though...I get tired of salads pretty fast, especially when all my favorite dressing recipes include fat. I'm eating overt fats about every three days at this point, so on my off days I've taken to juicing/blending my greens so I can avoid eating a salad and still get them into my diet. I don't spend enough time chewing my salads, and it takes time to break down those cells and release the nutrients. Juicing/blending is faster, more efficient, and while an average person eating the standard American diet might be losing a crucial dose of fiber, it's literally impossible for me not to get plenty of fiber on this diet. It just doesn't happen.

I'm so bummed at the weather recently...it's been gloriously gloomy outside, but every time I think I'm going to get a chance to take a walk/run, it starts to rain. I've been put out over it until I remembered something: I OWN A REBOUNDER!! I dug through the piles of...stuff...in my room until I could dislodge it from it's hiding place and dragged it out into the living room, where it's position in my fitness rotation has been restored. There's no workout routine as awesome as blasting your ipod and bouncing as high as you can on a personal-sized trampoline, and there's also no exercise that's better for your cells and internal organs. Rebounding will stimulate a gentle detox on a cellular level, and it works even if all you can do is gently bounce for a few minutes. I like to run in intervals on mine, which gives my joints a rest while still providing amazing cardio. I also like to go crazy on it and jump maniacally as high and and fast as I can, which really blasts your heart rate up interval style, and makes you feel like a frantic, crazy rock star.

Get one.

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