Sunday, November 21, 2010


...I'm leaving the dehydrated foods for the fam.

I really love some of the fun crackers and breads that I've been coming up with, but every time I eat them, hours away from any fruit consumption, they make my tummy unhappy. Light nausea, fatigue, and a heavy feeling in my stomach settle in not more than 10 minutes after finishing my meal. I know it's a combination of excess fat and dehydration, but even cooked foods don't make me feel THAT icky. Still, everyone else in the house thinks they're delicious, so I guess they're just fine, and my body doesn't like dehydrated things, which is just as well. I eat plenty of fat most evenings, enough to tip my fat percentage to 10-12%, so I'm leaning towards lack of water/greens to balance it out.

So far the winners have been the golden flax curry crackers and last night's Mexican spice and cilantro crackers.

Who thinks daydreaming is a waste of time? Your argument is invalid.


Remember when I told you guys that I spent inordinate amounts of time thinking about buying 2 25lb bags of local Valencia orange from Farmer's Market, even though I didn't have any way to actually get them home? I currently have 2 (count 'em) TWO 25lb bags on my kitchen floor, not to mention 16lbs of persimmons and a big bag full of bell peppers. SHAZAM!

Today's Menu

Breakfast: 12 small Valencia oranges, juiced with fresh ginger root

Lunch: 7 Fuyu persimmons

The rest of the day will be something like:

Second Lunch: Banana/OJ smoothie with 5 bananas and 6 oranges, juiced

Dinner: Baby spinach salad with tahini dressing and green bell peppers. Maybe something else, too. I haven't decided yet.

I found an Orange Julius. Yeah. I know they disappeared overnight while I was still in high school, but here in Sacramento one of them just sort of...resurfaced. The weird thing is, I just sort of stumbled across it semi-recently and I stood staring at it for a few minutes. Shouldn't it have come back with a little fan-fare? It was only the most popular smoothie shop in the freaking world. I was thinking about it yesterday when I made this shake out of nothing but orange juice and frozen bananas. If you haven't done this, you are currently wasting your time. You've GOT to try it.

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