Friday, November 19, 2010

Guess what I'm having for dinner?


No, really, they're raw, and I'm hoping they're delicious, since I haven't tried them yet. I generally skip the whole "raw dehydrated" part of the diet, but something...odd has come over me during the last few days. I seem to remember this happening last year, as well. Whenever November rolls around and the days get shorter and colder, I turn into this baking FANATIC. I remember cranking out loaves and loaves of vegan baked goods last year, and I figured, hey, why fight it? Let's do it better this time, you guys, and pull out those trusty dehydrators for a nice, homemade treat.

I'm currently making crackers and breads, but after hitting up the farmer's market this weekend and picking up a few things at my local WalMart and health food shop, I plan on testing out all kinds of interesting recipes like raw granola, falafel, nori bars, and cookies. How many of these things will I actually eat? Probably not very many. The weird thing is that I'm not as invested in eating them as I am in making a successful product and sharing them with my family. I'm gonna try them all, so if anything actually ends up being edible, I'll be sure to let you know.

Yesterday I tried a smoothie I like to call Banana And Pineapple Smoothie. You can all start making bets on what's involved. I think the frozen pineapple is what really made it, but I was so surprised at just how freaking GOOD it tasted. It's not the best food combining, but I didn't have any problems digesting it, so I'm probably going to keep doing it until something bad happens :)

Today, I've had

9 oranges juiced with 1 inch of fresh ginger root

7 persimmons

You'd think I would be done with oranges by now, but I'm actually spending lots of time coming up with all sorts of intricate plots on how I can get 50 lbs of them home from the market. I'm a little bit worried, you guys, because I'm still beating off this head cold with a stick, and it's supposed to rain AND thunder here tomorrow. I may get rained on T_T

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