Thursday, November 18, 2010


...not feeling good. Somehow my kids got sick, something nasty which is currently attacking me. Therefore, I name this post, "Ugh..."

I'm thinking about getting one of my sisters to help me build a small website so I can begin doing consultations. With the amount of time I spend writing and the lack of reliable babysitting, not to mention the fact that I'm about to start school again in a few weeks, starting up an office just isn't an option. However, I do have the time to take on a few clients and give initial consultations via my (as yet non-existent) website, even when school starts back up.

I haven't been eating as much the past two days, and the most exercise I got yesterday was when I moved from my bed to the couch to watch Netflix all day.

So far I've eaten:

8 oranges juiced with carrots and fresh ginger root

4 persimmons

I'm going to eat another 4 persimmons, some bananas, and cap off the day with some steamed potatoes and a spinach salad. I'm not nearly as sore as I was yesterday, but I'm nowhere near ready to get back into my running routine, and I probably won't even attempt it until next Monday, if I continue to heal as well as I have been. I have a nice Echinacea/Goldenseal blend I've been using, and as I always do whenever I get icky I've been supplementing with a blend of Colloidal Silver, Olive Leaf extract and Oregano Oil. BOOM, illness! You like that?

I will most definitely be well enough to make my weekly trek to the Farmer's Market, where I plan on buying the 25lb bag of Valencia oranges.I'm also really bummed that I wasn't able to buy any tomatoes or red/yellow bell peppers this week. I always sort of saw them as trimmings but now I'm really missing them.

Oooh, and some distant relatives will be showing up at my Mom's Thanksgiving dinner next week, hopefully with big bags of fallen persimmons from their trees like they usually do. Sigh...I get all dreamy-eyed just thinking about it. I flail over persimmons the way most girls flail over Justin Bieber.

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