Saturday, November 13, 2010


Do you think that having children gives you immunity from your own parents? I thought it might. But 4 years and two children into this whole "Mom" thing, I've finally realized that it never ends. I will always be my Mom's tiny little baby. I guess it's all right, but the direction my diet has taken over the last few years has brought out a whole new overprotective side of my mother. It really doesn't matter how many books I read, how many exams I pass or how many certifications I accumulate; she's worried about me and can't understand why I don't want a slice of cake anymore.

It's not that she's pushy or tries to belittle my choices, and I know she's proud of the way I take care of myself. She's one of those "everything in moderation" sort of people. "Oh, come on, it's Christmas! You're really not going to try my pie? But you love my pie! Look, I made fudge, it's your favorite." If I decline, however politely, it's a personal insult to her and she thinks that she's failed me somehow as a mother. I have no idea what could give a person enough reason to emotionally tie food and love together so inextricably that rejection of her dessert equals plain rejection.

So, we're going on vacation as a family come April 2011, packing up and driving down to Santa Cruz for a few days. I'm going to be in the same city as my school! However, my Mom is the official family vacation coordinator, and based on preliminary conversation and planning, I don't think taking a giant box of bananas is going to be an option. It's only three days, but three days of Jamba Juice veggie wraps and Chipotle veggie burritos might not go down as well as they used to. I know we'll be close to a Trader Joe's...idk. This is going to be interesting.

Today was one of my (many) sisters' Sweet 16 Birthday, so my eating habits were disjointed and a bit weird, but I made it through all right.

Breakfast: 6 Fuyu persimmons

At the party, I snacked on: two bananas, 3 large apples

Afternoon meal: Smoothie with spinach, 6 large bananas and 12 dates

Dinner: Large romaine salad with yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, and avocado

Cake frosting is a bit of a weak spot of mine, and I've been known to demand corner slices at birthday parties. I've been exposed to quite a few cakes over the past few weeks, and come out clean every single time. Maybe it's the motivation behind my eating habits that put those little purple frosting flowers into perspective. I don't exactly have the cleanest bill of health. Things are going well, and I'm currently enjoying amazing health, the best I've had in my life, but in this short 27 years I've done a lot of careless damage to this body and it wasn't exactly working all that great out of the box. I'm building this foundation of health from the ground up, and it's nowhere near finished, but I'm a lot further along than I've ever been.


  1. I understand the parent thing. When I went vegetarian, my mom and grandma worried about protein. I've been vegetarian for six years, easing my way into veganism and everyone still tries to give me chicken soup if they think I have a cold.

  2. I heard Santa Cruz is super hippie, and is on all kinds of natural and organic wavelengths. Besides, can't go too wrong if a Trader Joe's is near.

    PS Love the blog!