Friday, November 12, 2010

Moar fruit!!!

Okay, guys...if anyone ever tells you that local, organic produce really isn't that much better, they are lying liars who freaking lie. What happened to me, you ask?

I drank orange juice made from conventional oranges.

Look. It wasn't terrible. It's actually not bad, but there's this tangy, almost-ripe-but-not-quite hint of sourness that is most definitely not present when I drank OJ made from my local, tree ripened oranges. Those oranges are madly sweet, don't irritate my tongue, and actually produce a little more juice per orange than their conventional counterparts (bitter rivals). They are seriously like liquid gold nectar from the fifth dimension.

But, OJ is OJ, and I've been drinking it down like oranges are going out of season (they're not). Plus, I've been doing all kinds of fun experiments, juicing the oranges with different greens and veggies to increase my nutrient intake and play around with flavors. I'm REALLY wanting to go and pick up some raw ginger, I think it would be a great combo.

Also...I'm running out of persimmons! This shall definitely be remedied tomorrow, when I descend upon the farmer's market like a fruit vulture, grabbing up my discounted fruit bags. There's this cool guy who sells bags of what I can only assume are "ugly" persimmons, 4lbs for 3$. I usually buy all of them :) There's nothing wrong with them! They mostly have little black spots or weird little marks that I can safely assure you do not affect the quality of the fruit. I eat a lot of ugly fruit, and it all tastes great.

Today, I had

Breakfast AND Second Breakfast: OJ made with 8 oranges, dandelion greens, and carrots (2x)

Lunch: 8 fuyu persimmons

Dinner will most likely look like this

Fruit meal: Bananas and date sauce

Salad: Romaine or green leaf, red bell peppers, and cucumbers topped with avocados

What with all the citrus and persimmon mono mealing I've been doing, I'm actually really looking forward to this upcoming banana/date meal. Walmart has been rocking my world by actually stocking RIPE bananas, spotty and all. I had a great moment Thursday afternoon when I saw them and threw my hands up in the air and yelled, "F%@&, YES, RIPE BANANAS!" No one at Walmart seemed to share my enthusiasm.

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