Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back to running...

The rains here are coming and going, and today was too just awesome to pass up in favor of working out indoors. I love November weather in California. I'm going to switch back to a running routine with a little weight training thrown in there to keep things balanced. I've always had really strong legs, but I really have to work for my upper body strength.

Okay, I know my last post was pretty much ALL about orange juice, but I totally blew through that 10lbs in 3 days, and I was all bummed, thinking I'd have to wait until Saturday to have my OJ again, and then I got...THE WEEKLY GROCERY ADS! Savemart is having a sale on oranges, get this: 37 cents A POUND! Sure, they're conventional, but that's almost half what I pay, and I get oranges at the farmer's market for a freaking steal. I'm going tomorrow evening to buy ELEVENTY THOUSAND POUNDS of ORANGES.

I'm running out of bananas, and so of course, all the stores have decided to stock really green ones that aren't even worth buying to ripen. By the time I get them ripe, the stores will be stocking yellow ones again. But, I've got this plan- what if I mono meal orange juice for a few days, until I get a good stock of ripe nanas? I could make do with what I've got, but...I really kind of want to try doing a few days of OJ. Nothing crazy, but man...I just think about what it would be like if I could drink 30 oranges or so a day, load up on kale and dandelion greens and just go nuts, do a little juice feasting before Thanksgiving where I will inevitably end up eating some delicious Tofurkey.

If I end up doing a few days of OJ while I can get oranges for this price, I'll keep a nice log of it here so if anyone else wants to give it a shot they can read about my experience. The great thing about oranges is that even though they're juiced, they still have most of their fiber intact. I am normally against fruit juice consumption, even raw, unless it's balanced out with greens, but you can get away with OJ, and for juice feasting I think they're a must, since you can get just as many calories as you normally would by eating food all day long. I really need to get to the store and see the ripeness/condition of the oranges in question. One thing I hate is getting all jazzed up about a fruit sale and then getting to the store and finding everything green and rock hard (I'm looking at you, mangoes).

Today, I had:

Breakfast: Orange freaking Juice. About 4 cups (6 oranges)

First Lunch: 6 persimmons

Second Lunch: Banana/Date/Spinach smoothie (8 dates, 6 bananas)

Snack: 3 bananas, 5 dates

Dinner: 5 persimmons, followed by baked potato with nutritional yeast

Between the persimmons and the OJ, this week is really turning out to be awesome.

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