Saturday, October 23, 2010

Basil Rules!

Today was ultra successful at the farmer's market. The light rain didn't stop me and my family from caravaning the mile out to Country Club where we have a year round farmer's market. I'm seriously so grateful to be living within easy walking distance.

Today I made out crazy with a giant bag of black grapes, 6 pounds for 3$. I know it's insane, but there's this one stand that only sells fruit, and they always have overripe or bruised fruits set aside in bags for 3$ each. I was getting insane deals on white nectarines a few weeks ago, but now it's more pomegranates, tomatoes and grapes. So anyway, I bought:

A bundle of fresh basil
A bundle of fresh cilantro
A bundle of baby bok choy
3 large daikon roots
4 large asian pears (75 cents a pound, wat?!?)
1 red and 1 yellow bell pepper
6 pounds ripe tomatoes
6 pounds black grapes
6 pounds fuyu persimmons

...for a grand total of 20$. Oh, yeah. I can't NOT afford to eat this way.

By the way, did you see the last thing on the list? Do you see? Maybe you don't understand...

...Persimmons are the greatest thing on earth. This fruit is my soulmate. I love it more than any other food on earth, and it's only available for a short time each year. I can't even express to you how intense my love for persimmons is, and if I could, you would flee in terror. Now, the persimmons they're selling now aren't ripe, so you can imagine how agonizing it is to walk into my kitchen every five freaking minutes and see 6 epic pounds of them just...waiting. For me.

Do not eat unripe persimmons. They are nasty, and they taste like sweetened Styrofoam. That's why most people don't like persimmons. If you let a fuyu persimmon ripen until it's soft to the touch, even so soft as like pudding, you won't know how to emotionally deal with all the wasted time in your life you could have spent eating persimmons.'s what was on the menu today.

Breakfast: Banana ice cream smoothie with 3 frozen bananas, 3 regular bananas, and 6 soaked dates

Exercise: Walked 2 miles pushing double stroller and groceries

Second Breakfast: 1 pound of black grapes and 4 bananas

Exercise: Beachbody Insanity

Lunch: Fruit salad with one cucumber, date sauce from 10 dates, and 3 bananas

Afternoon Snack: 2 small apples and 2 bananas

Dinner: Salad with chopped tomatoes, boiled white potatoes, shredded romaine, and 1 cup shredded fresh basil. It was made of yum.

Today I tore it up as far as calories, eating much more food to match my activity levels. Variety is lacking, but I wasn't bored. I have 2 Caribbean red papayas ripening and, of course, several pounds of persimmons, so I'm definitely learning how to branch out into fruity variety. I really consider bananas to be the rice of 80/10/10 in my interpretation, and since I really like them it doesn't bother me to eat them so often. As you know from this blog, we are living just below the poverty level as of the time of this post, so I'm really amazed at the quality and quantity of my food options. I don't feel starved for anything, and really the only foods I want are fruits I've yet to try. I really want to eat a custard apple, a durian, starfruit, dragon fruit, and all the other fantabulous edibles waiting for me out there.

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