Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm adjusting awfully well to eating out on 811. I went out for a day long shopping trip with my family yesterday, taking along 1.5 litres of pure water and a pound of dates. While we were out, we stopped in at Target Greatland, where they just added a small grocery section. What do you know, their bananas are only .19 cents apiece, just like Trader Joe's! I bought 8 of them and a pound of strawberries for only 1.99$, and the whole family was able to snack on fruit during the outing. Plus, I didn't have to go to Jamba Juice. I really love JJ, but 5$ for a smoothie that's only 430 calories is not a good deal. Maybe if they crammed in a few more bananas and used a little less juice...

Today I've had...

Breakfast: 4 soaked dates, several cups baby spinach, and 7 small bananas

Lunch: 1 pound of grapes, 4 large bananas

that's all I've had so far, I'm skipping my Insanity workout today in lieu of the incredibly long walk I'll be taking later this afternoon. Picking back up tomorrow with Plyo Cardio Circuit.

I'll probably eat more dates, bananas, and greens. I've got a ton of ripe kiwis and frozen mango and blueberries, too. I'm off for now, I have a huge fiction project due for an event tonight and about a million more things to do today. Have a fruity day!

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