Friday, October 22, 2010


80/10/10, week 3. The ratios are right, but it's not 100% raw. I'm cruising on this at the moment, as every attempt to go all the way overnight has resulted in burnout. And really, I dislike the taste of most raw vegetables to this day, and frankly, I'd rather eat some steamed vegetables that skip them altogether at this point in my personal journey. My combining could be better, but we're taking it step by step, and noting bad reactions.

As always, tons of water in between meals.

Breakfast: Fruit salad with 5 kiwis, 4 plums, and 4 bananas

Second Breakfast: 4 bananas topped with thick date sauce made from 8 soaked medjool dates (my current fave meal)

Exercise: Beachbody's Insanity (getting ready for Asylum and MC2)

Post Workout Meal: Smoothie made from several handfuls baby spinach, 5 bananas, and 2 cups frozen mango chunks.

Dinner: 1/2 an avocado and a large bowl of plain vegetable stew with cabbage, tomatoes, gray squash, and white potatoes.

Today, I definitely slacked on the calories. I've recently switched my workout schedule from Chalean Extreme/Turbofire to Insanity, and I'm finding that I'll need to eat more to fuel up for this new workout. Tomorrow is farmer's market, it's going to be raining but we'll be walking out there anyway, must pick up my bags of overripe fruit on discount!! Plus, the persimmons are starting to come in and I have to eat as many as possible before they're gone. My favorite fruit, why are you so fleeting?

On a side not, I am experiencing AMAZING blood sugar control. When I switched back to 80/10/10 3 weeks ago after a long and gradual cleansing of grains from my diet, I had really bad blood sugar reactions. Terrible headaches, persistent thirst, sucked. And then one day, it just vanished, and from then on it's just been better and better. Yesterday I was stuck without food for several hours, and I didn't experience any weird mood swings, headaches, anything at all. I just plain felt hungry, but I never lost my mind over it. Your welcome, pancreas! I did no overts whatsoever, and then yesterday picked up some avocados since they were on sale and I do want to eat them occasionally, as I feel overt fats in sparing amounts are beneficial. Hasn't really caused any fluctuations. I think I'll steer clear of them every day, however.

Papayas are ripening as we speak. Bring it on, fruit.

Case studies are almost complete. I am this close to officially being certified as a Master Herbalist. Yay, me!

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