Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dreamy Skin...

I love to blog about things I do that actually work. I've recently perfected my beauty routine (yes, this applies to boys, too) and I want to share with you a few things that can help you to avoid or remove signs of aging and reclaim that youthful, vampiric dewey look without applying a layer of baby oil and glitter every time you leave the house.

There's been a lot of buzz about using MSM to heal damaged joints, but did you know that it also improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails? I've never tried anything that works as good as daily supplementation of MSM at 1000mg once a day. I began taking it at the end of March this year because it was all the rage and I wanted to see what improvements it would give me. I'll never forget what happened three weeks later. After taking it faithfully I went to apply some lotion to my face and as I ran my fingers against my skin I realized that it looked and felt completely different! It was much more elastic, smooth, and soft, and it just looked amazing. My nails are stronger than before, as well, and while it has helped my hair I can't say that I'm happy because I have thick, coarse hair to begin with and didn't need to see any gains in THAT department.

MSM is not an expensive supplement and is very easy to find. Trader Joe's carries it for a cool $4.99 for a large supply, especially if you're only taking it once a day. It can safely be taken up to three times daily, although this is mainly recommended for joint repair and maintenance. It is considered safe because it is already found in the tissues of all living organisms, and the uses for this amazing sulfur go far beyond cosmetics.

So now that we're taking care of our faces on the inside, what are we going to use on the outside? Washing your face with soap and using moisturizer may appear to be keeping your face well taken care of, but if you aren't comfortable eating your facial products then you shouldn't be comfortable using them on your face. Your skin is VERY good at absorbing anything you put on it, and that means makeup, lotions, masks, and anything else it touches. That's why the sun gets such a bad rep! But the reality is, it's not the sun that causes skin cancer, but the chemicals that sit on the surface.

Now, I would never ask you to leave the house without makeup on. We all have to look at you. But by using a good makeup primer you can create a layer of protection between your skin and your makeup. But most importantly, cease and desist using products that are designed to soak into your skin, not sit on the top. That means all facial cleansers and moisturizers must go! They cost a ton of money and actually make your face worse. Now that doesn't mean give up on your morning routine, it just means making a few eliminations and a few additions to stop aging your face with toxins and poisoning yourself daily. Try an all natural soap like Dr. Bronners, or choose from some of the many amazing products that Lush has to offer. I use Dr. Bronners for both my body wash and my facial cleanser, and it cuts right through makeup and grime and leaves me feeling truly clean, not slick like other preservative filled soaps and washes.

Now that you're all clean, let's get moisturized! I cannot stress how amazing Coconut Oil is, and how much it has changed my life. This natural, raw product can become your hair conditioner, your all over body and face moisturizer, and a great alternative for cooking or frying foods to avoid some of the free radical damage you will always get from heating oils. Talk about minimalist and cheap. Every morning this stuff goes on my face, it goes on after shaving wherever to cool off those little bumpies, and it goes into my green smoothies for that yummy coconut flavor and amazing ability to raise your body's ability to convert Omega 3 into DHA. Do a google search to see some of the things that Coconut Oil is being used for all over the world. Here's a picture of mine:


After doing this routine for awhile, I noticed that the oiliness on my T zone was greatly reduced, even while wearing tons of makeup and walking around in the sun all day. By removing the unnatural irritants I was using to "moisturize" my face and giving it a chance to normalize, I have much less difficulty with it overall. I find it interesting that putting actual oil on my face has reduced the oiliness, but hey, it's the magic of nature. It also works great as a makeup remover. Taking Coconut Oil internally daily has also been shown to aid weight loss and using it on your tummy during pregnancy can reduce stretch marks, as well as keep your skin looking beautiful no matter your age or gestational persuasion (haha). Bear in mind you will need much less than any lotion because it will actually be healing to your skin, not drying. I only apply a tiny amount (think 1/4 of a teaspoon) on my face in the mornings. You may want to use it at night if you need to apply makeup right away.

Most importantly, it's going to save you tons of money! You'll never have to buy body wash, bar soaps, body lotion, special facial moisturizers, foot cream, makeup remover, or anything else you can think of to use it for ever again! It costs much less, both financially and in your outward appearance. A container of Coconut Oil like the one shown above is 7$. A huge bottle of Dr. Bronner's, which can be used all over the body, on floors, on foods, on babies, on dishes, and anything else that needs cleaning, costs $8.99, and since it only takes a few drops to make a lot of lather, in our house it lasts for months. In this case, it's actually much cheaper to do the right thing.


  1. Jessica, I found your blog on Goneraw. I am with you, both for coconut oil and Dr. Bronner's. I have been using coconut oil for both my hair and face for months with great results. I also use Dr. Bronner's (or Dr. Woods) for everything else--body, washing clothes, floors, etc. In addition, I've been washing my face with raw honey for quite a while. I will never go back to so called "organic" products that still have tons of additives and are very expensive.

  2. One more thought on Coconut oil....It's great in the bedroom!!!! Forget the expensive k-y's and such, use coconut oil instead, and I've heard that it even helps with yeast infections. I there anything Coconut oil can't do???

  3. Is that so? I never knew. That's pretty cool info :)