Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Picture Story...

I wasn't kidding. Eat fruit for breakfast every day. There's nothing like downing half a watermelon and feeling light, airy and energetic for hours. Here's a nice picture story of my breakfast today, which was juiced fruits and greens. Behold!

Kids love fruit breakfasts, and it's one of the least difficult things to “get them to eat”. Is what I hear.


Greens today are parsley and kale. Kale is the awesomeness.


We're gonna sweeten things up with a ton of watermelon and cantaloupe. There's some baby carrots in there, too. Juiced carrots taste so sugary sweet!


Here's my juicer! I love it so. It's a present from my Grandma.


Ahhh...JUICE! Real juice.


I can't stress enough that this is the only sort of juice you should ever drink under any circumstances. Bottled juice is unhealthy. Period.

So, now that it's Sunday and most of you are avoiding housework, why not bust out your juicer and make an even bigger mess?

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