Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Parasite Time!

I spent the last few days wading through the waters of nasty yucky food. my head feels foggy, I'm irritable, and I'm feeling kind of puffy. I never condone resisting yummy treats forever and ever, but indulgence is one thing, and that wasn't indulgence. That was a tummy party :) But now, as is inevitable with all parties, the owner of the residence must come to terms with the fact that throwing a party is always much messier than attending someone else's. And I'm employing a serious amount of psyllium husks as my maids. Cleanse, magical supplement plant...stuff!

And speaking of supplements, who was it that knocked on my door today? Why, it was the UPS man with my parasite cleanse products!!! Just in time!


I chose not go with any one of the many "cleaning kits" because none of them had quite the ingredient list I liked. I decided to just put my own together, and after doing a bit of Vitacost shopping, located both of these products which I picked solely due to ingredients used, not brand. This is going to be a 30 day cleanse, starting tomorrow. Tomorrow! I'll be documenting any and all weird feelings, strange happenings, and well...I probably won't give you too much detail about the actual expulsion of parasites, if any, but you'll know what you need to know :)

It's an exciting time for my digestive system, and I'm so glad you'll be sharing this with me. Really and truly. Haha.

So, gear up, get excited, and in the meantime, please visit my new blog showcasing my handmade jewelry pieces!

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