Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm still alive...

...but hopefully the parasites aren't. I started the first day at half doses. I'm supposed to take 2 parasite pills twice a day on an empty stomach, and 2 of the cascara sagrada pills once a day with food. Doing this for 30 days, and today is day 2. So far...a few more trips to the bathroom than normal, but nothing urgent or horrific. I know it's gross, but I have to know, so I've been inspecting anything that looks weird. So far, I'm clean, but I think it's too early to tell.

Mood wise, I'm doing well. My joke timing is a bit off, but that could be due to lack of restful sleep because it is SO FREAKING HOT right now here in Sacramento. I've been spending my time in creation mode. I'm opening up a jewelry blog where I'll be sending my pieces out to conquer the world, one wrist at a time. Look out for new developments there. Also, my case studies are going well, I just finished another one and now I'm just sitting back and waiting for the rest of my people to return their forms. I can still take one or two more people if anyone needs a dietary analysis while it's still free.

I'm making these posts a little shorter because I'm mainly blogging my parasite cleanse now, so...oh, crap, hang on...

Bathroom break. I'll catch you guys soon :)

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