Thursday, August 6, 2009


What is this obsession with recipes? People ask me constantly for recipes and wonder how I get recipes for vegan or raw foods. Entire websites exist solely devoted to recipes, aisles of shelves at bookstores hold scores of books with every kind of dietary preference imaginable...I'm confused. Why are we obsessed with recipes?

It's the sort of behavior that ties into another modern lifestyle trap: What's for dinner? Where will we have dinner? What should I make for dinner? How many things must I collect in order to be able to eat dinner? These are trappings that are keeping you fat and unhealthy!

Setting obsessive labels such as dinner, lunch, late breakfast, and snack only bring more focus to eating, which is one of the only things in life that should be effortless. Why make something so simple so unbelievably complicated? Take your recipe books to the used bookshop, get some money for them, and RELAX! Eating will occur, whether or not you call it dinner or if you've got every single ingredient called for. Why not just let things happen naturally?

Instead of worrying about combining foods into recipes, spend some quality time thinking about what types of foods you are combining in your stomach. Some foods aren't meant to be eaten together, and as a result contribute to a toxic colon, indigestion, and overall ill health.

Eat fruit alone!

Fruit is, in my opinion, the perfect food. It's a perfect balance of complex carbohydrates and protein, filled with water and fiber, but you can't eat it with anything other than fruit. Why? Because fruit spends a very, very small amount of time in the stomach, another amazing plus that further contributes to this food group's blatant awesomeness. Fruit passes through the stomach in 15-30 minutes, and most of it actually digested in the small intestine, where the nutrients can be easily assimilated. But throw something like fat or protein in the stomach along with fruit, and you're asking for stomach trouble. Fats and proteins take much longer than fruit to digest, and since your stomach moves everything out at the same time, that fruit is going to sit in your stomach for HOURS, fermenting while your stomach works on digesting the other food.

The solution? Eat fruit first. There's nothing better for instant energy, and you can eat it all morning long. What's easier than a “breakfast” that needs no cooking and no utensils? Make a habit of eating nothing but fruit until noon. Your digestive tract will thank you.

Oh, there's more, but simple is best. Digest this, and I'll be back with more soon. My upcoming parasite cleanse cannot be missed, so subscribe for faster updates!

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