Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parasite Cleanse, Day...Fibromyalgia. Haha.

A lot of cleansing going on around these here parts. Seth, my resident fibromyalgia sufferer and all around sickly fellow, has agreed to try a 30 day cleanse, rotation diet, exercise program, energy healing, and herb and supplementation plan, which are all integral pieces of a seriously committed fibromyalgia healing program I'm hoping to fine tune. This will be version one of probably ten million, since each and every person with fibro will most likely respond differently to each part of the plan. And since I don't exactly feel like cooking two separate menus, I'm being dragged into a diet that even I think is insane, and I'm a part time raw foodist and all time vegan superstar with 5 platinum albums.

It's not so much that the diet is hard to execute or that the food doesn't taste good, it's just something I've never done before, and it's a great learning experience for me as well as a great way for me to increase my health and vitality, since we'll be eliminating all common allergens. Who knows, I might even have an allergy I'm not even aware of! Most people do.

I even managed to construct an awesome supplement plan that's only going to dent us 25$ a month. I'm super happy about that :) And it's going to be a blast finding that thin line of taking Vitamin C to "bowel tolerance". Hahaha.

My parasite cleanse is going very, very well. I'm feeling a bit foggy and irritable now, so I'm already mad at you and you haven't even said anything yet. Bathroom discoveries? Not yet. But I'm also not expecting anything till third week.

Tomorrow is another bottling day for Kombucha! Our first baby is ready to go out into the world now! Now, I need a bunch of those massive glass costco jars so I can start multiple brews at once, because we blow through Kombucha here like white people blow through Diet Coke.

So, the most exciting thing ever? Tomorrow I am ordering a roll of pH Alkaline/Acid test strips and I'm going to be monitoring the pH levels of everyone in my poor, healthy family. Dis-ease CANNOT exist in an alkaline body. Do a pH test on someone with cancer. Always, always, always it will come back acidic. Why? Because illness thrives in an acidic body. Simply remove acidic foods from the diet, breath deeply, think constructive and positive manifesting thoughts, and behold! Alkaline :) There are so many things you can do to rid yourself of an acidic test result, but those are the fastest and easiest.

A roll of testing paper shouldn't run you more than 15$ and you only need a little bit to test, so the stuff lasts forever and is indispensable to your health. I'm trying out a new brand, so when it arrives later this week we'll all do tests and post the results. Later!

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