Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is the end nigh yet?

God, I've been dreading this day for awhile now. The supposed "Swine Flu" fear campaign is about to come to a head, and the drug companies couldn't be happier. Evidently, and this is most convenient thing I've ever heard, the "flu" is going to hit at the same time the vaccine will be finished and ready to unleash upon the world. Lovely, and well timed. Good job, powers that be.

Mandatory vaccination. Yeah, that's right. Get the whole family together and line up for a cocktail of who-knows-what untested, unsafe, even MORE dangerous than the vaccines already out there and here's the best part: you know that whole "freedom" thing we're enjoying? Well, the laws are being changed. You can't even refuse this vaccine for medical or religious reasons. And if your baby dies, or if you grandmother or even your boyfriend dies, you won't be entitled a thing.

This is the part of the game where you have to act in order to NOT get the bad ending. Come on, if anything the Playstation 2 prepared you for this moment better than anything else. Change your weapon, load up on health drinks, check your map (it's triangle) and resist. Let's get the best ending possible, people.

If you know, you can prepare.

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