Friday, August 21, 2009

Hamburger Helper...

Yeah, right. No, I don't eat that. But I make a mean version of it occasionally for my family, and they seem to like it. They're all sick now, every last one of them had horrible fevers, achiness, coughing, sneezing...the whole she-bang. Not I! Deep breathing, positive thinking, and keeping an alkaline body kept me free from the ickies, so neener neener noo. I think that my whole foods supplement, which has a whole Chinese mushroom complex, fruits and veggies, blue green algae and spirulina, nuts and seeds, and a greens blend, did a lot of the work for me, as well as the herbal infusion blend I created specifically for this wave of snotty terror that washed over my tiny apartment. Pau D'Arco is a friend of mine :)

While misting the house with a homemade disinfectant (as done daily) I simmered this lovely concoction of cooked evil on the stove. If you're feeling like eating something white trash-ified that looks like it came from a box, behold! My sinister creation...



How to:

Magic Bullet a onion and like, 5 or 6 cloves of garlic. If you're still Magic Bullet-less, congratulations, your hands are going to smell. Chop it up, slave.

Boil some organic brown rice pasta swirlies. Yes, peoples, those noodles are made from nothing but organic brown rice and water. Gluten free, firm, and perfect. And $1.99 for a big bag.

Now, open up a package of tempeh and crumble that bad boy up. No tempeh? For shame! Fermented foods are amazing for you, but tofu or beans will do just as well. Cook in olive oil over medium heat with the onions and garlic.

Chop up some zucchini. My Dad grows monster squash in his backyard and sends them over to me, which is the awesomeness, but if you don't have zucchini, use crookneck, grey squash...hell, use pumpkin if that's all you have. Basically, you need a nice veggie that's going to soak up sauce. Feel free to add others, if you want. I threw in a tomato, too, cause I had a bunch.

Once those are lightly cooked but not mushy throw the drained pasta on top of the veggies, open up some organic tomato sauce and dump it in. You'll need a lot of sauce. I use a whole can, since I make big dinners and eat lots of leftovers. Simmer on low with the lid on for like, 10 minutes.

Sprinkle on some nutritional yeast to make it cheesy, and add some dried herbs like oregano, parsely, and whatever else comes in the organic spice thing I buy, and YAY! Done. So easy. Eat a side of this stuff with your raw salad tonight and you will be soooooo happy.

Parasite cleanse is still on and going strong! No sign of creepy crawlies yet. I'm actually designing a Fibromyalgia recovery program for Seth, so if he decides to give it a try we'll have another 30 day program to document for you all. For now, I'm content to swallow ham pills and take my sacred bark to destroy any and all invaders that might be squatting in my colon. Oh, I call my parasite complex "ham pills" because the first time I took them they immediately reminded me of the Honeybaked Ham I used to eat at Christmas time. I think because it's heavy on garlic and cloves...

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