Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Parasite Cleanse, Day 4

Today was largely uneventful. I downed almost an entire bottle of home brewed Kombucha (for which I am named). I have two goals in mind for high Kombucha consumption today, one of which is replenishing my intestinal flora since today is a no laxative day. Instead of the cascara sagrada, I am using two servings of 100% pure psyllium husks. Please, for me and for you, never, ever take grocery store fiber supplements. They are loaded with all kinds of sugars, dyes, and flavors and will not do you any good. Buy pure psyllium husks, which are actually cheaper and are amazing for your body.

My other goal is boosting energy. I've been feeling rather sluggish today, even though I got a fair amount of sleep and took my morning therapeutic multi-level healing walk (haha). Just sort of...blah, all day today. Oh, well. I have two more case studies that were delivered today, so I've got plenty to keep me busy while sitting.

Seth is sick today so I've been busy in the kitchen making herbal infusions, dispensing tinctures, and making soup, which in the middle of August is destroying the cool environment I have created with the tiny little crappy cooler installed in the wall of our apartment. For any of you who want to make a nice big stew-thing in the middle of summer, here's what we are having for dinner.

Organic vegetable stock
Vine ripened tomatoes
brown rice
bok choy
purple baby potatoes
garden picked zucchini
dried herbs

I wanted homemade sprouted falafel, but Seth woke up feeling like ick and craving soup, so...I lost.

I said something weird, huh? My morning therapeutic multi-level healing walk? What in the hell is that? I like to take about a mile long walk in the mornings at 10am, when the sun is in the optimal zone for healing purposes. Aside from the fact that walking is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself, exposure to sunlight WITHOUT sunscreen in the mid-morning will create loads of Vitamin D in the skin. Allowing sunlight into your eyes has incredible healing effects on your body down to each and every cell, so get out in the early sun and OPEN YOUR EYES! Take off your sunglasses for half of the trip. Your entire body RELIES on sunlight, which has enormous effects on your hormone levels, mood, immune system, and more. Sunscreen and sunblock is dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs. Burn easy? Wear a hat. Sunscreen will give you cancer. Not the sun. It's the interaction of toxins from supposed "sunblocks" that will give you skin cancer.

There. You are now officially smarter than ever. Your welcome!

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