Thursday, July 23, 2009


Blah. I hate the Internet. Or rather, I hate my service provider. Sorry, it's been so long since I've updated but I've actually been sans teh intrawebs all this time. I know, I nearly lost my mind.

I am preparing for my final exam so I'm devoting a lot of time to my own personal cram school, but that can't stop me from SHOPPING! I got this amazingly cool teapot over at Ross. Check the pic!


It's ideal for what I need it for- loose herbal infusions. You just put your loose tea leaves, herbs, roots, or whatever else into the basket and pour hot water over them. Steep all the live long day, like I do, and enjoy! Right now I'm doing my detox blend. Mine. The one I put together. It's got Dandelion, Burdock, Licorice, Pau d'Arco, Milk Thistle...all that good stuff. I also use it with tea bags, too. If I'm confusing anyone, all you need to know is tea=tea leaves. Herbs in water are not tea. That is an herbal blend or infusion, tisane, etc. Tea is either black, white or green.


I just found this thing in the underbelly of my local Ross, which is the crappy one at Country Club Mall. It's within walking distance to my house, though, and I haven't had internet for 7 days. I've had to text people with lives to find out what the weather was like. We don't have TV or newspapers, so I was sort of left to my own devices, and those devices drove me nuts. So I went shopping a lot. This is the 6 cup version, and there was also one half the size, but I do a lot of steeping.

Speaking of infusions, I've been rooting around my neighborhood and the internet, trying to dig up some interesting herbal blends. I found this blend over at Trader Joe's called Ruby Red Chai. I notoriously HATE Chai, but this was the only Rooibos they had and I love Rooibos, so I decided to give it a try. It's unbelievably good.


I'm also excited to try out some of Sarah's blends from Homegrown Herb and Tea. She has so many original flavors and ideas and the shop is beautiful. I rarely come across herbal blends made just for children, and she has quite a few, plus teas for pregnant women and a wide array of healing blends. I'm about to order me some Muddy Mate. Raw cacao in an herbal infusion? Yes, please! You must come and see these, they are very tempting, and the site itself is gorgeous. I love people who understand the delicate nature of balancing an herbal blend :)

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