Monday, July 13, 2009


Hummus is awesome. I love it. So I eat it almost every day. It can get pricey and it's impossible to buy raw hummus anywhere near me so I like to make it. WITH MY MAGIC BULLET WHICH IS AWESOME! I love my Magic Bullet.

Have these things:

Raw Sunflower Seeds or Sesame Seeds (I prefer Sunflower)
Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Raw Garlic
Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt (you seriously weren't going to use table salt, right? Throw it out!)
Sprouted Chickpeas/Garbanzos
Lemon Juice

And whatever else you feel like. It's that simple. Here's my favorite way to make it with my Magic Bullet, but you can use a regular food processor just fine.

Soak sunflower seeds in purified water for 2 hours, or overnight if you have that kind of presence of mind. How much depends on you. I usually soak about a half a cup because this hummus needs to be used within 5 days. Grind those suckers up in your processor with a little olive oil, garlic and salt, lemon juice, and any other spices you like. If you need to add water, go ahead. I always do.

Process until it's creamy, and voila! It's tahini (sort of). Now we can start throwing stuff in like crazy. I like to add my garbanzos in at this point, maybe a little more oil, and sometimes I'll throw in one hot pepper, onions, parsley, cayenne, coriander...whatever sounds good. You can even add things like tomatoes or leeks. Get uber creative. It's your hummus.

I actually don't usually add salt. The amount of sodium I obtain from eating vegetable is plenty for my body. Using quality salts like Himalayan Pink Salt can provide useful amounts of minerals for your body but overall I avoid it. There is so much salt in the world that you can't avoid that it seems silly (and dangerous) to add more. What I do like, though, is dehydrated celery flakes. Celery has such a salty flavor that when dehydrated and sprinkled on food, it tastes just like salt. Give that a shot next time you dig your dehydrator out of the garage and dust it off.

Happy Hummus Time!

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