Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chronic Disease...

Chronic disease is just about the last thing you want to see a doctor for, outside of a diagnosis, because after the diagnosis, the doctor becomes nothing more than a drug pusher. “Hey, we haven't come up with a cure for your problem, let alone an explanation for what it even is, so until we do, shut up and get high.” Having a chronic disease is doubly awful on top of that, because each person's symptoms are different. What constitutes Chronic Fatigue or Crohn's Disease for one means Fibromyalgia for another.

What it usually boils down to is toxins, food allergies, auto-intoxication, vaccines, parasites, Candida...again, for everyone it's different, but it's out there. There IS a reason this is happening, and it may not even be physical. Disease can be and is born from emotional and spiritual suffering or dysfunction. Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors firmly believe that disease begins in the soul or spiritual body, and by the time it manifests in the physical body as illness, you have already been sick for quite some time. An illness in the body is the last stage of illness in the whole person; body, mind, and spirit.

I have a very intimate relationship with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in particular. How is that? I married it. Well, I married a person, but somehow...a lot of the time it seemed as though I had married the conditions themselves. If left unhealed, chronic conditions can steal your personality, your passions, your lust for life, and leave you a hollow version of yourself. Much of this is due to the despair felt when a medical doctor, praised here in America for their “knowledge” of disease, tells the sufferer that nothing can be done, or worse, that it's psychosomatic. They load you up with narcotics and send you to a specialist, who specializes in letting you know that there is no “cure”, that they cannot “treat” your condition, and you have to learn to deal with it.

Why, then, do people all over the world who once suffered from chronic disease suddenly find themselves “cured”? It's because they chose to HEAL. Healing is the opposite of curing and the only thing that truly exists. Drugs, the FDA claims, are the only things in the world that can cure a disease. But how many pharmaceutical drugs really cure anything? Or a better question to ask is, how many pharmaceutical drugs simply cover up symptoms of conditions that doctors proclaim to be incurable? Conditions that people heal themselves from each and every day?

Drugs, whether sold out of a stranger's pocket or your local pharmacy, are never the final answer, because you should never look for a “cure”. That would imply that the power to heal is without, when really, it is WITHIN YOU. You, as you are now, are perfectly capable of healing yourself. Your body was designed to heal itself, and if you allow it to by providing it the right conditions, you will witness a miracle. The fact that you have a chronic condition is a blessing, because it is simply your body telling you that something is very wrong, and you need to alter certain aspects of your life. It's okay if you don't know which ones yet. The important thing now is to take back your power. As a human, you have the gift of healing yourself. It lies waiting within you. It's not inside any doctor's office, any pharmacy, and it's not within any of your friends, your family, or your religion. It's not without. It's within. Honor your body, and choose to listen to what it's saying.

This is an obstacle, like any other in your life, and the moment you choose disease over health, you are giving your power to someone or something else. This is the age of information. It's available to all who look for it. And when you're on the other side and all of this is just a dark memory, you'll only have yourself to thank. Oh, well, and me, too. I like presents?

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