Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Live Well With No Money...Part 1

To take my mind off the impending doom of an even more disgustingly powerful and corrupt FDA, I'm going to post an awesomely happy and helpful blog. See link below for icky details.

Kiss your organics goodbye.

How To Live Well With No Money

It seems difficult to do, doesn't it? It can be. Buying things is fun, and it's lame to go shopping with an empty wallet. But when I say living well I mean living well in the NOW. Yep. In this little moment right here, where you and I are sharing a few words online together. So, the best way to live well in the now is to feel well, look well, and truly be vibrant now. The past doesn't exist, and the future isn't any more tangible than a dream.

If you're one of those people who wonder why I don't gorge myself on burgers and milkshakes because no matter what I do, I'm just gonna die anyway...holy crap, you annoy me. Pay attention. You and I, we're all going to die. But I'm not dead now, and whether I die tomorrow or in 80 years doesn't matter, because I'm alive and feeling amazing. Right now, I'm alive. Right now, I'm breathing clearly, my back doesn't hurt, I'm not groggy, I'm not dying without coffee, I can stand my family without a drink and my body feels happy. Even though all these things are physical, they have a huge impact on my emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I'm feeling good, and I can afford it because it's CHEAPER than living a sedentary, junk food filled and ultimately self deprecating lifestyle. You might think it's cost effective to buy flats of sodium filled ramen and ass end meat to feed your family, but there's a way out and I know it, cause I found it myself a few years back.

So, you want to take simple steps to eliminate costs and live a vibrant, healthy life at the same time? I say, done and done. Here's a few things to get you started.

This isn't something you can add or calculate, but it's at the top of the list for a reason: STOP THINKING ABOUT HOW YOU CAN'T AFFORD THINGS! You can afford things. If you truly need them, you'll find a way. Thinking about way to afford things is a positive motion. Yes, thoughts are things, and thoughts about not being able to pay for things will create lots of ways for you to be miserable and in debt. Focus all your financial mental power on solutions, and they come.

Somehow, even though I absolutely CANNOT afford them brand new, I own 2 Harajuku Lovers bags. One was a gift, and one was a super rare find at an outlet store. I can afford presents and things that are 75% off. Think before buying, shop smart, and NEVER pay full price for anything. Creativity will serve you well here.

$$$ saved: Peace of mind!

Can't find the time to exercise? Cancel your cable. Face it, it's probably one of the biggest bills you face each month, and it doesn't contribute anything positive to your life. It's actually one of your biggest sources of excuses. And if you just said you need it for The History Channel, you are lying, and I don't care how much you think you need to watch The Biggest Loser, loser.You've got internet, so if you love your favorite show that much, watch it streaming on the channel's website.

Speaking from experience, once you discover how much there is to do when you're not watching TV, all those favorite shows become a distant memory. Go back to school online. Look at your children in the face. Go to the library. My top suggestion? Invest in a Netflix account. For less than $20 a month, you can rent an unlimited amount of three DVDs at a time: a learning program for you children, a waste of time action flick for your significant other, and a documentary for you. You can rent BluRay, too, and you also get unlimited online movies streaming right on your computer. It's actually better than having Comcast OnDemand.

Now that you have no cable, you are ready for the fitness to commence. Now we're going to save even more money by spending absolutely nothing on fitness classes, space eating treadmills, or gym memberships. If you went ahead with the Netflix, you are in luck. Now you have hundreds of workouts streaming to your computer whenever you're ready, like soothing yoga and tai chi, hardcore Jillian weight routines, cardio dance parties, Pilates, and pretty much anything else you can think of. You can also rent even more exercise DVDs and try them out to see if you'd like to buy them. Having a wide variety of workouts that are constantly changing is the key to getting thin and staying fit. You won't get bored and your muscles won't have a chance to memorize your routines, so you'll never plateau.

$$$ saved: $40-100 a month on cable, and who knows how many hundreds on a gym membership.

Maybe you're trying to figure out how to drink more water, or worse, how to get your kids to drink more water. You might even be dumping a ton of cash on bottles of water. Let's fix both of these problems now: get a filter, and stop buying drinkable crap. Water is free, but of course, free is never truly free, and the high cost of tap water is ingesting chlorine, arsenic and fluoride. A good solution is picking up one of the many filters out there that you can use to “make” water at home, without dropping money on plastic bottles that suck. Replacing a filter every few months is cheaper in the long run, and if you've got the chance, go and get a pH water filter and alkalize your body! Kangen water (alkaline water) is the best water I know of for your body, and definitely worth looking into.

Once you get that filter going, you can quit buying all that other stuff that isn't water. There is, and I'm not lying, nothing in the world that you need to drink besides water. Even fresh squeezed juice, the only sort of juice you should ever drink, isn't necessary. If your kids like soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, or other “healthy” drinks, don't forget that it is a luxury, not a necessity, and limit their intake. Cut it off entirely if you buy the sugar filled crap, and switch to something plain and without additives. Like WATER. Lose the juice, don't even look at the soda, the energy drinks, and whatever else they have out there nowadays because I don't even pay attention anymore. I dare anyone to come up with something besides water that they can truly justify drinking as a necessity.

$ saved: Some people spend $40 or more a month on alcohol, soda, and bottled juice. $40 worth of pain and devastation to your body. Come on.

Everyone's life is different. Right now I'm sure you could name 5 things you put in or on your body every month that costs you money and worse, costs you wellness. This is just a couple of things off the top of my head that I've had success with, both financially and physically. Let go, have fun, and embrace a new reality, one in which you accept only the best for yourself, on all levels.

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