Thursday, December 15, 2011

Starting A New Juice Feast!

 Let's be honest- sometimes, in the winter, if you're not careful, you can end up a with a lot of unripe fruit and a dwindling supply of ripe ones to eat NOW. From December to about March, bananas take forever to get nice and spotty, and popular winter fruits like oranges and persimmons can sit for weeks before ready for consumption. Right now, I'm dealing with this:

A whole pile of bananas that won't be ripe for several days. What happens when the happy frugivore doesn't have perfectly ripened fruit? In this case, I take it as an opportunity to let my body do a little house cleaning, and get ready for the green juice paradise that is a Juice Feast!

Well, it's been so long that I think my first juice feast was one of my very first series on this blog! I believe it happened in September 2009, but it might have been 2010. It's been too long is the point! So, since cucumbers are on sale this week at 4 for $1.00, I've decided to start on a juice feast tomorrow that will take me all the way to Christmas Day.

I'm sure most of you have already read about or even tried a juice FEAST, but for anyone out of the loop, it's a way to completely detoxify and re-energize your body without fasting or giving up all of your daily activities, like one would have to do on a water fast. Since I'm going to be using my Vitamix and strainer bag to make awesome veggie, leafy green, and fruit juices three times a day at a minimum of 500 calories each, I'm going to be getting plenty of calories so I can keep up with my life and still get all the benefits of fasting. Hence, juice feasting!

If you've never done one, you just can't imagine the wonderful, tingly feeling of getting such a huge dose of chlorophyll (sunlight!), vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, EFAs, and everything else your body needs in one sip. Instead of making your digestive system work for those precious nutrients, let's give that hard working system a well deserved break. By juicing all of your food and doing all the digestive work before even swallowing your meals, your body is given the gift of time, and your body, as smart as the rest of nature, knows just what to do with this free time: clean out all the years of backed up junk you shoved into it.

Juice feasts can last a week, a day, or up to three months. There's no fear of starvation because in a juice feast you consume plenty of calories and get far more nutrients than you ever would by chewing your food.

So, what happens to all those pesticides, herbicides, sprays, chemtrail residues, food additives, dyes, makeup chemicals, air freshener hormone disruptors, and the like, all of which is trapped inside your body? During a juice feast, they are unearthed from your body and given the old heave-ho, and they come out whichever way is easier for your body at the time. Toxins can come out through your sweat, your eliminations, urine, mucous...and since the colon is an important area of elimination, it needs special attention on a juice feast. Most juice feast consultants will advise a series of enemas or colonic irrigation appointments, and that is a very efficient method. However, for short juice feasts or for those who just don't have the cash for a series of holistic treatments but still want to detoxify, you can substitute with an at home colon cleanse. Many companies make them, and my favorite, as always, is Dr. Natura's Colonix and Toxinout programs. These kits provide everything you'll need for a whole month!

This is just the juice feast introductory post! Over the next week and a half, I'll be sharing with you my daily juice feasting schedule, my personally designed program (based on my own individual needs, so no copying!), additional things I may be taking, and the good (and bad) juice recipes I come up with. If you want to see what happens and start planning for your own juicing journey, don't forget to subscribe and follow on Facebook and Twitter!

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