Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fresh Raw Green Juice- Minus the Juicer!

Who says you need a super expensive high powered juicer to enjoy the amazing simplicity of fresh veggie juice? I certainly don't, and since I'm all about saving as much money as possible, I use my blender! You'll need a high powered blender, one that can purify raw vegetables and fruits such as the Vitamix, which is what I have, but there are other options. My Vitamix is by far the most useful machine I've ever purchased, as well as the hardiest. I've been putting it through misery on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day, and it's never disappointed me yet!

You'll also need a good strainer bag made for raw foodists, such as a juice feast bag or a large nut mylk bag. I use this one, and at only 6 bucks, it's been a great investment.

This gorgeous green juice was made in a blender, not a juicer, and contains carrots, parsley, celery, romaine, and ginger root. I simply threw everything in the blender, crammed it down towards the blades with the tamper until it was completely liquified, and strained it through the bag. The whole process takes maybe ten to fifteen minutes, and the best is that I only have to clean a blender! As a former juicer owner, I know it's a big hassle to clean all the parts of the machine.

With dark, leafy greens being in season, why not do a weekend juice feast? With your blender and your strainer and a host of fruits and veggies, there's nothing stopping you from getting a huge dose of raw, vital phytonutrients! Even adding in a vegetable and leafy green juice a couple times a week is going to make a huge difference in your skin, hair, nails, energy levels, and your overall health and well being. Instead of settling for chewing on salad all day, why not run them through the juice bag and drink it down in a matter of seconds? There's no way you could chew your greens well enough to extract the amount of nutrients you can get by juicing, and trying will have you gnawing on greens for hours a day. Save your time, skip the salad, and double the amount of greens you would have eaten in the first place.

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