Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4 Spots Open for FREE Online Holistic Health Consultations!

I have exactly FOUR more openings in my Case Study project. Now, this event is available to everyone- whether you're struggling with health issues, trying to lose weight, or even interested in improving your current healthy diet. Maybe you're trying to go vegan, or even raw, and you could use a little guidance. The free online case study program is open to all, at any stage in your healing journey.

How does it work, and what it is? To put it simply, it's a free holistic health consultation. This program provides a full Lifestyle Analysis, and the process is incredibly simple. I send you a case history form to fill out, including the basics about your daily life and health challenges. You fill it out on your computer and email it right back to me. How simple is that? With a personalized report covering nutrition and supplementation, herbal recommendations, fitness, detoxification and cleansing, and holistic lifestyle and relaxation techniques, NOBODY can afford to miss out on this opportunity. It's my last case study program, and I've only got four openings, so email me at kombuchadiva@yahoo.com for a chance to get in on this program before it's too late!

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