Monday, September 12, 2011

1000 Calorie Challenge Review - Day 17 and Raw Food

WOW these workouts have gotten tough. I'm still really happy with the way things are progressing, I don't feel overwhelmed even with the new week 3 workout that is close to an hour long. There are some new fun moves like Spiderman and Superman pushups, goblet squats, and the pull up bar remains interesting by switching from pull ups to chin ups this week.

I'm still going strong on the interval training, as well. On the days in between my three weekly weight training sessions, I get to flail around spastically to Chalean Johnson's TurboFire HIIT workouts, which is a nice change from regular cardio running.

I'm finding myself more and more attracted to just plain fruit these days. I'm still noshing on Manna bread, some edamame and raw crackers, and beans here and there, but eating so many times throughout the day makes it difficult to eat heavier foods, since I'd like them to digest quickly. Taking in several heads of lettuce each day is still my priority, but I'm feeling a higher percentage of raw naturally moving into my diet as I increase my levels oh physical training. However I am supplementing with Spirulina and this big ol tub of yum:

I really like the fact that it's basically a giant canister of sprout powder. I LOVE sprouts, but growing them in my kitchen has been kind of off and on. This is so much easier and I love Garden of Life brand. It's kind of pricey, but I've been stacking coupons at Whole Foods and grabbing by month's supply for about 20 bucks, which is an insane deal!

Before I started the 1000 Calorie Challenge, I was basically fit, but already my strength is increasing BIG time. I'm starting to crank out pushups like a factory worker, and I've increased my upper body weights from 5 to 10 in 2 weeks. Who knows, buy the end of the challenge will I be pumping 20's? That would be awesome!

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