Saturday, September 3, 2011

1000 Calorie Challenge- 7 pounds in one week!?!

Wow, well, I guess it really does work! My first weigh in was this morning, and with one week behind me I'm down 6.6 pounds! I'm shocked, especially since I don't have very much to lose. I always see people on TV shows losing 3, 4, 5 pounds in a week, and I'm always like, "well, yeah! When you've got a hundred pounds to lose..." I stand corrected. The 1000 Calorie Challenge advertises you can lose 3-5 pounds a week. This is not a lie. I kinda thought it was. You know, you think, "oh, well, that was the best case scenario from some of the test subjects, but not everybody got that." As someone whose weight loss has always been hormonally slowed down, I'm pretty freaking happy right now.

Now I'm really excited to throw myself into this program and see just what I can accomplish in the next 7 weeks. It's very possible for the weight loss to slow down, especially as I start to put on some extra fat-burning muscle, but get this- I haven't even gotten to the actual 1000 Calorie Challenge yet. That doesn't start until the second month. I've just begun week two, and all of month one appears to be basically prep for month two, where all the major calorie burning actually begins. I'm so ready to bring it for that.

Oh, week two. This workout I am happy with, and let me tell you why. I was just getting over the soreness from week one, and now I'm hurting in brand new places, which lets me know that the routine really is targeting a wider range of muscles with each week. It's still the same simple, almost Jillian-esque style, but there are enough new moves and routine changes that I'm not bored, and I know that I only have to do it two more times before I get a new workout. If you get bored really fast, this is a good match for your fitness lifestyle. Also, I feel that this workout challenged me just enough to take me to the edge of what I'm capable of after last week's gains without pushing me over. By the end of the workout, I felt exhausted, but I could keep up, and I know that by the third workout, I'll be ready to step it up once again with week three.

I know it's still very early in the program, but I am liking what I'm seeing. I have a few questions, though, and I'm wondering if I can just email customer service or something...I better go and troll the site. Is anyone else on the program? Thinking about it or curious? Follow me to find out what happens over the next few weeks, and drop me a comment if you have one!

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