Friday, June 3, 2011

Great resources and awesome peeps on the internet...

I wanted to share with you guys some of the awesome people I've been working with and learning from over the past few weeks. I'm always learning, yearning, reaching out to new information and new ways of thinking, and there are a few cool peeps that have been inspiring me or helping me to reach my goals.

First, I really want to give a shout out to Natural Health Ministry, an eBay store run by a really great lady, a mother and holistic health enthusiast just like myself. Now, normally I order my herbs in bulk from Mountain Rose like most, but despite their awesome quality and great prices, they are out of stock of many popular herbs A LOT. Natural Health Ministry came through for me with both great quality herbs at AMAZING prices, and they had ever single herb I needed for my formula in stock! If you're looking to save money on your bulk herb buying and get a great product (and cheap shipping), swing by their store and have a look around!

Here's some of the herbs I scored:
and a nice shot of those pretty yellow Arnica blossoms for a runner's strains and sore muscles salve I'm currently steeping :)

Speaking of running, the closer I get to finishing my 5K training schedule, the more I fall in love with this sport. One of the coolest blogs I've found is iamrawholic's raw fitness blog. This girl is a vibrant, true life example of the power of raw foods, and her marathon posts and videos are so inspiring. Just looking at her pictures makes me smile! And of course...crave more greens :)

Finally, here's one that might seem out of place, but remember that this blog is not only about aiming for a more holistic lifestyle, but also about doing so on a strict budget, and no one knows that better than West Coast Savings. It's difficult to find good couponing and savings forums and blogs dedicated to areas that DON'T have double couponing, like here in California, so if you're on the West Coast like I am be sure to follow this blog to keep up on deals for your family that can't be passed up.

I hope you find some great deals and inspiration with these sites like I have! Before I go, I've got one more link to share with you guys. For those of you who have trouble with the lungs and sinuses such as asthma, bronchitis, or just can't seem to shake those nasty, mucousy coughs that linger for weeks after a cold or a flu, these new Respiratory Tonic Teabags are a safe and historically effective way to support and bring healing to the lungs. They've been really popular recently and I can't seem to make them fast enough, so if you want the absolute freshest, made to order herbal tea bags for the same price as those toxin filled, shelf stable grocery store bags, check these out right away!


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