Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fruity PARTY!!!

Oh, man, did you guys ever miss an awesome party. This last weekend I celebrated my BIRTHDAY, which is an epic national event that requires all caps. My Mom hosts all the family parties at her house and usually has all the say-so over the catering, but I demanded my way and got my very first...


Even though it was (weirdly) raining all weekend here in California, I dressed for the role as Fruit Princess:


Can you see my new dread set? All handmade :)

And here's a few shots of the spread: Watermelon, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple!



So much fun!

It would have been slightly better if my sister's iHome was working because we would have been eating fruit to the Tron Reconfigured soundtrack, which pretty much would have made my life complete. We played party games like Pass the Mango! and just generally had a very, very awesome time. I'm so thankful that everything came together like it did. There was only minimal complaining about no "real food", lol. How much more real does food get than...naturally occurring food?

So, the birthday festivities took up most of my week, since I like to extend celebrations that involve me, but aside from that I've been hard at work coming up with some brand new concoctions, and I've finally found a winner~ have a look and tell me this isn't simply gorgeous!


Pure, natural, toxin free Rosemary and Lavender face and skin cream. goes on thick like butter and my skin literally EATS it up and asks for more. If you want, check out the trial size and give it a go for just a buck!

I'm now straining a Sage and Myrrh oil for a disinfectant wound healing salve, so I'll be hovering over my double boiler again for a good chunk of today. Wish me luck!

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