Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eek! Haven't posting in forever!

I didn't mean to leave you guys hanging! I've been building my new website, and I'm going to be moving my blog over there. It should be done within a couple of days, maybe 2 weeks at the most. I've got a tiny little store over there, a home page, and my own personal blog, which is a lot cooler than a blogspot thing :) It's been fun while I've had it, but it's time to upgrade.

And speaking of upgrades, guess who just ordered off the Spring Sale at VITAMIX!!! THIS PERSON!!!! I'm getting a 5200 in 12-14 business days, and I could NOT be more excited. In my opinion, there is no better tool for squeezing more raw foods into your diet than the Vitamix. I can't wait to finally join the ranks of proud owners, including my great grandmother, who once made so much carrot juice with her Vitamix that she turned orange. Yes...the legacy lives on...

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