Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You guys...I passed!

After over a year of classes in history, eastern/western philosophy, wildcrafting, extraction methods, and some serious paperwork, case studies, and kitchen laboratory experimentation, I am a certified Master Herbalist. I am so pleased to have begun my herbal journey with GCNM, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life learning from the plants themselves :)

As far as schoolwork, I am preparing for my final two years where I will expand on my herbal and nutrition education and delve deeper into the world of holistic health. Wish me luck!

Menu today is

Breakfast: 7 Kiwis, followed by a Banana Ice cream smoothie with 8 bananas (5 frozen) and water

Lunch: 5 bananas covered in date sauce (8 dates)

Dinner: 2lbs grapes, followed by a giant bowl of steamed broccoli and maybe some raw yellow pepper

I used to really hate salads, but recently I've been getting back into them. I really prefer juiced or blended greens, since eating salads takes FOREVER, but I don't know...a smaller sized salad with fresh greens, lots of tomato and chopped peppers, and cucumber has really been working for me. I think it's because I've been using greens as a part of the salad rather than the main event, and including lots of yummy, crunchy things to chew on. Also, eating fruit before the salad really helps to ensure I don't get hungry right after eating it.

I've got a collection of about 11 pounds of persimmons in my kitchen now. None of them are ripe yet, but every day I tell them how much I want to eat them. Maybe they're purposely prolonging the inevitable.

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