Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Raw Food and Healing...

Is a raw food lifestyle going to fix my problems?

Well...are all your problems health related? The key is in the answer, which is both yes and no. All problems are health related, even your relationship troubles and your inability to remember to buy toothpaste. This is true on the other side of the mirror, as well- your health problems have emotional, mental, and spiritual sources.

So...is it going to fix my problems or not?

No. It's going to compel YOU to stand up and solve them. So, yes. It will instigate growth, healing, and ultimately provide you with the clarity of mind and strength of form to do it yourself.

Obsessively planning out a strict raw eating schedule might help at first, but eventually you'll bury the root of the issue beneath menu planners and bags of dehydrated kale chips. Don't replace a source of stress with a stressful, strict dietary shift. It's much simpler than Vitamixes, Excalibers, and Sunwarriors. It's simply eating food. Eating food the way it was meant to be eaten. Not eating things that are not food.

It's not comfort food, soul food, PMS food, Thanksgiving food, or any other "food" that we as a race use as an excuse to gather or celebrate. It's no strings attached food, food that will actually do what food was meant to do all this time, in spite of our efforts to remove that intrinsic component. It will nourish us, provide us with fuel and nutrients and NOTHING ELSE. It won't make you happy after a bad break up the way ice cream will, but it won't make you sick, either. In fact, it might have provided you with the ability to see that you were dating a jerk all this time. You didn't even need the ice cream. You had fruit, and with it a little bit of wisdom.

What is this human obsession with looking outside yourself for answers? Maybe the answers lie within fruit. Eat all the fruit you can find, and consume the Truth plucked right from the Tree. Then, you can be the Truth, living in a vessel sustained on it, and never waste another moment seeking it without.

Today, I had:

Breakfast: 13 valencia oranges, juiced

Lunch: Smoothie of 6 bananas, 6 dates, and tons of spinach

Second Lunch: 6 large Fuyu persimmons

Dinner: Salad with romaine and carrots, and 1/2 cup of raw buckwheat granola with raw cashew mylk (oooh, raw gourmet!)

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