Saturday, September 19, 2009

Juice Feast, Day 3...80 10 10 cravings?

I'm kind of amazed that I've made it this far. Nothing has been horrible or intolerable, but just from the way my body is reacting I know for sure that this fast was absolutely necessary. My thoughts and ideas about foods, what they mean to me and the ones that I want to eat, have undergone an amazing transformation. Once again, I find myself picking up that 80 10 10 book again, like so many times before. I feel like there's something in that lifestyle that I'm drawn to, and I want to begin to move in that direction.

For those of you who aren't familiar with 80 10 10, it's an amazing book by Dr. Douglas Graham that very convincingly uses scientific evidence and logic to describe the human diet as dictated by nature. I've been a long time admirer from afar and also did a 30 day 80 10 10 challenge which took me to amazing levels of health and mental clarity the likes of which I have not since been able to attain. As my percentage of whole, raw foods slips lower and lower, my mind, body, and emotions have suffered the consequences.

I think it's safe to say that my cravings for unnatural foods have been completely eliminated. I still am not feeling any hunger, just an enthusiasm for raw fruits and greens. I look forward to Monday as the day when I begin again with a diet that's as clean as possible. I plan on breaking my fast with smoothies, and then even out with raw fruits and some greens, and finally add in overt fats like avocados and raw almond butter the next day. I've lost any desire for foods that fill my body with the poisons that I'm currently expelling, and WHOA! my detox is still very much active. I woke up with a white film on my tongue that still hasn't gone away, and my breath is not so fresh :( I took a nice, relaxing walk in the sunshine today and while the weather was nice, I ended up sweating like crazy and had to get into the shower as soon as I got home. It was great to get my lymph moving and sweating out some of this crapola, though.

With the loss of foods to fill my day, I've gone from bored, to unsettled last night, and finally this morning I became upset and even downright angry. It's easy to ignore or brush aside all those things in your life you know are bringing you down when you've got yummy treats to think about and savory dinners to plan, shop for, and bake. But now that all those distractions are removed from my day, I've finished my school work and case studies, I'm just a full time mother of two kids 1 and 3 years old. And while there's a lot of busy work involved with that, there isn't a whole lot of thinking involved, and everything that I don't like about my life is glaringly obvious. There are many areas in my life where I'm not satisfied, but I'm settling, and that alone bothers me when I know I'm capable of better. I'm capable of the pursuit of happiness. It's always been true, but now it's more plain than ever that the entirety of the state of your life is nothing more than the direct results of the decisions that you make. We all choose our current situations. We choose to live where we do, to make a living in the way that we do. We choose the people we associate with, the way that we react to situations. We even choose our illnesses.

Most importantly, we choose the level of happiness that we experience in our lives. There is always a way to remove the undesirables in your life, whether they be people, foods, homes, or disease. The alternatives may make you even less happy, They may make you more happy. It might take forever to attain what it is you truly want. There's a pretty misunderstanding about "want", as in American consumerism that just came toppling down on those who thought they needed but just "wanted". And then there's WANT. A personal ideal that is completely possible to fulfill, but usually isn't a television. In fact, I know for a fact that watching television will only make it more difficult to figure out what your want truly is. Never mind the adverts and the false news on every channel, what about the effect on your body? Think about the electromagnetic chaos you're exposed to every hour you watch television. How will that make for a clear mind? No, it does nothing but clog your mind and your body.

I am filled with thoughts all day. Can you tell? But I've been trying to redirect the thoughts I have about food, even healthy food, to take up a smaller amount of time.

I honestly think that doing a juice feast, or a fast of some sort is a great idea for anyone. Never mind how easy it is to heal illness and disease by juice feasting. I mean a complete body and mind "reboot" to sort of start over and reassess your eating patterns and food obsessions. I can't believe the amount of perspective I've gotten over only three days, and the official juice feast length of time is 92 days! Someday I will perform a full juice feast, just to experience the amazing clarity and sense of calm that it must bring. Once the detox symptoms leave, which really only take a few days (3 weeks if your a pharmaceutical taking omnivore), living with full presence of mind and the complete lack of baggage associated with eating is probably a period of time worth looking forward to :)

In the meantime, the work I'm doing with my short, 4 1/2 day feast is more than enough to completely stall my less desirable eating habits, change my direction on a dime, and propel me forward into a more cleansed and refreshed version of myself which is absolutely necessary at this time in my life. I'm on the edge of something amazing, and taking the time to prepare myself is the best thing to do right now.

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