Thursday, September 17, 2009

Juice Feast, Day 1

Day 1...and I really should have done a pre-fast yesterday, but I enjoyed myself and that was key. Really, really enjoyed myself. I probably walked about 4 miles today, which is normal for a shopping day for my family. We do this a few times a week, and I didn't feel any extra fatigue today, but now that evening is settling in I'm beginning to feel a bit strange. I've had two juice meals so far today, a little olive oil in the second one and all my normal supplements, and the best way I can describe this feeling is that I'm not at all hungry, but I mildly crave flavors and textures of certain foods. Certain, COOKED foods. I don't feel any addictive behaviors towards raw or natural foods. In fact, the only things my mouth is interested in is the crappiest of the crap, like baked breads, chips, and other processed and unnatural foods. However, I don't feel any serious cravings at the moment, and my stomach isn't hungry. I actually feel no true hunger. Because of the normal amount of calories I've been taking in, my body has plenty of what it needs to keep things running efficiently, and most likely better than when I was eating solids.

Here's a picture of breakfast, about halfway through my glasses.



That is a big mess of watermelon, carrots, kale, celery, and a few other veggies. For lunch I had a cantaloupe based meal. I just got back from the grocery store and got enough veggies to do this thing for at least 2 more days. I spent 8$ last night on fruit, and 9$ today on veggies, to last me a few days. I'm not sure how much you spend on food, but for me this is either breaking even or possibly saving money. It's saving a lot more than money in the long run, though. I'm eliminating cravings and breaking bad patterns of eating, so all the money I WON'T be spending in the near future will afford me plenty more to enjoy lots of juice feasts in the future.

I've decided to keep this juice feast to 5 days. I'm leaving for San Francisco on the 23rd, Wednesday, so Monday night I'm going to break my fast with a smoothie and raw fruit, and eat post fast style on Tuesday, mostly raw. Wednesday I'm hoping to take a bunch of food with me because I'd hate to have to go from 100% raw to Taco Bell, haha. That would definitely cause illness. Are there any good grocery stores in San Fran around The Warfield?

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