Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Your Aluminum I.Q.?

Well, It kinda depends on your deodorant. I know you love the “Fluttery Sparkly Lavender Beach Breeze” scented solid you buy at WalMart, but do yourself a favor and check out the ingredient list. I'm willing to bet that you're rolling aluminum all over your pits every morning. So, why is that not all right? Well, consistent exposure to aluminum can cause build up of the metal within your body, possibly forming deposits in your brain. And the end result of heavy metal deposits in the brain is dementia and Alzheimer's. And maybe right now you'd welcome the idea of forgetting who you are and (more likely) who you know, but if not, treat yourself to something that will hide your sweaty stench without getting your neurons in a twist. Literally.

Unfortunately, aluminum is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mainstream toiletries, but we'll save that for later blogs. Aluminum buildup can also occur from using aluminum cookware or drinking unfiltered tap water. So, if you came home from work today and cooked up dinner in your favorite old pan, drank a tall glass of ice water and reapplied your Old Spice, prepare to forget everything you just read by the end of this sentence. For everyone else, let's look at some of the alternatives out there for people who like their name and want to remember what it is in 50 years.

Tom's of Maine has the most popular line of natural deodorants and let me just say right now, oh holy crap the apricot one smells amazing! However, like so many products that say “all natural” on the package, it isn't. Propylene glycol is an ingredient used in their formula and there is much debate over the safety of this chemical. Be diligent when reading labels. Check online for ingredient lists and definitions of additives you don't recognize. There are numerous resources on the web for smarter consumers who want to know what they're rubbing all over themselves.

If you don't trust anyone trying to get you to spend your money on armpit perfume, congratulations! You win the Offbeat Hippie Who Can't Trust A Mall award. You'll be healthier in the long run and live a quality life, but will probably lose friends due to your inability to eat at fast food restaurants and lack of “Daisy of Love” contestant knowledge. For you, the special non-consumer, a recipe for homemade deodorant, which you can personalize and then sell at your hippie shop on the pier by the ocean along with the hemp and seashell necklaces and soy reiki candles.

Natural Stick Deodorant

1/4 cup baking soda (natural deodorizer)
1/4 cup cornstarch (natural moisture absorber)
10+ drops tea tree oil (natural anti-bacteria/fungal)
2+ TBSP shortening (solid coconut oil works well)

Mix the baking soda and cornstarch in a bowl.
Add tea tree oil and stir well.
Mix in enough shortening to reach a consistency you like.
Pack mixture into an old deodorant stick container.
Allow to set for a couple of days to become more solid.

-- lavender oil will work instead of tea tree oil.
-- apply with a light hand until the stick becomes more solid.
-- deodorant should be invisible and lasts for ages as it only needs to be applied in a light layer.
-- you can leave out the shortening and use the deodorant as a powder.
-- you can also leave out the shortening and cornstarch and just mix the baking soda and tea tree oil with water until it sprays easily from a spray bottle.

-- For very sensitive skin, increase cornstarch to 6 tablespoons and decrease baking soda to 2 tablespoons
-- store in a cool place, as most shortenings start to melt at just above room temperature.

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