Sunday, February 5, 2012

Raw Vegan Pregnancy- 6 Weeks, 6 Days Along

Let's be honest- the first trimester sucks. My first child, born back in 2006, gave me very little in the way of morning sickness, but my second child in 2008 was a nightmare of nausea. Interestingly, I was living a high raw lifestyle by the time that second pregnancy rolled around, but it had little effect on morning sickness.

Fast forward to 2012-

It's awful. The worst part is that certain fruits are making me sick just thinking about them! Important fruits! I'm having difficulty with the texture of bananas, which is problematic because they're essentially my rice. Thankfully I finished off the last of the persimmons a few weeks ago, because that melty, jelly like consistency of a really ripe persimmon is NOT as attractive as it was last month. Right now, winning fruits have a juicy, fibrous texture with little potential for mushiness.

Today, I ate:

blood oranges
navel oranges
cara cara oranges

When I first was struck with the sickness, I couldn't manage to get in my greens. My digestive system slowed to a crawl, and digesting greens, even shredded romaine, became a complicated stomachache. Fats cause the same response, especially when they're mixed with the greens. Young coconut meat is a winner right now, as is half an avocado by itself. Now, I'm able to get in my greens by having them in a juice made with lemon, apples, ginger, and cucumbers. I picked up some local bok choy and baby spinach at the farmer's market, so I'll be juicing those for the next few days, in addition to the organic romaine hearts I got on sale this week. 3 organic romaine heart for 99 cents. Win.

I'm eating little meals as often as possible, which is a huge change from my usual large meals 3 times a day I was used to (and enjoying). But the longer I go without eating, the worse the nausea gets, and trying to eat the same size meals I did last month just isn't going to happen. It's almost as if my stomach shrank overnight!

Today, my workout was

Time Attack- 12 minutes plus warm up and cool down

A series of 5 body weight exercises performed at 20 reps each, as many rounds as you can before the time runs out. Video and details can be found here at

Tomorrow should be a 30 minute run at noon.

I'm feeling less attracted to OJ and more attracted to eating my oranges chopped. I'm just going with whatever I can eat without regretting later.

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  1. Finally! I am 9 weeks pregnant and having a hard time with it all - almost all raw vegetables turn me off, as well as someone my favorite fruits. I've been enjoying a whole, plant-based vegan diet for almost 2 years now, and I had no idea this wall would hit when I got pregnant. I'm so happy to have found your blog, and i'm excited to follow your journey! Here's so praying that I can return to kale salads and green smoothies by the second trimester.... And I hope you're feeling better!