Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mono Banana Diet? Raw Vegan Banana Island!

Sounds crazy, right? Who in their right mind would eat nothing but bananas?

People who want to lose weight, detox, and kill junk food cravings!

Mono fruit diets are an amazing way to give your body a chance to catch up with all the poison it's been carrying around for years! This isn't pseudoscience- every day, your body is exposed to toxins, from inevitable chem trails from overhead planes, to avoidable like pesticides on food and chemicals in shampoos. Your body does have a wonderfully complex and capable system of detoxification and elimination for naturally occurring toxins, but when it comes to the man made toxins it simply throws it's hands up in frustration and resorts to storing this sludge in your fat cells. For years.

Going on a mono diet can give your digestive system and well deserved break, giving your body a chance to play catch up with all the gunk caught up in your gears, so to speak. The average American is carrying literal pounds of fecal matter in their intestines, and eating a pure fruit diet will help to loosen up the debris and carry a lot of it out.

When you eat one food and one food only, it really gives your taste buds time to think. In our modern culture, we thrive on thrill, and we jump from one food to the next looking for a new, flavorful pizzazz to hit our tongue, even in the span of one meal! Appetizers, side dishes, main course, dessert...all of it adds up to over-stimulation in the brain, and one big check that your digestive system simply can't cash. The human stomach was not designed to properly digest thirty different ingredients at once! By eating one nourishing food for several days at a time, you'll be re-training your tongue to recognize chemical additives and so-called "natural flavors" for what they are-nasty!- and letting your digestive system play it safe with just one ingredient, which can go a long way to healing a multitude of stomach and digestive symptoms.

Best of all, when you choose to mono a moderate to high calorie, high nutrition fruit like bananas, you can rest easy knowing you'll be meeting your basic needs for maintaining energy and health. Unlike strict water fasting or low calorie cleanses, you can safely eat as much as you like. In fact, you can eat as much as you can! It's nothing to eat 20 bananas in a day, and an adult woman would just barely have her caloric needs met, depending on the size of the bananas and her activity levels! Since bananas are low water, high calorie fruits with loads of fiber, you'll never be able to overeat. This can be an incredible healing journey for those who struggle with distorted eating patterns and fear of food. No need to count calories- count bananas to make sure you're eating enough!

A mono diet is one of the best compliments to a full body cleanse. If you are taking a pre-packaged cleanse like those from Dr Natura, or the simple herbal liver healing or gentle detoxification tea blends I create, a mono fruit diet is one of the best things you can do to ensure your cleanse gets as deep as possible. Lighten the load on your body and let it heal!

After some time passes, you'll want to increase your consumption of greens and other fruits, but while you're in the detoxification stage, you'll be drawing on your own stores of fat, B12, and other nutrients, so there's no need to worry about "building up" while your bod is in the process of "breaking down" a lifetime of illness and improper treatment. There are "banana island" support groups on raw vegan websites all over, so find a couple of people to share your experience with and let go of your fear of achieving true health!

Worried about what to eat after your cleanse? Or troubled by the sheer amount of herbal detoxes and supplements out there? I do offer private consultations as a certified Nutritional Consultant and Master Herbalist, so if you can't find help in your area, I would love to help you reach your health goals.


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