Monday, December 5, 2011

For my Fruity Friends...Raw Vegan / Fruitarian Jewelry!

Oh, wow, I had a GREAT fruit haul this week and I took pictures! There's nothing sweeter than saving a ton of money on natural, whole, raw, ripe fruits and vegetables! I'll share those with you soon, but I just wanted to share this brand new vision with you all.

As you have probably gleaned from my haphazard postings, I really, really like fruit. So much so that I've been creating jewelry for the last few months inspired by my love for fruits. It's true, I've been making jewelry since high school, but only recently has my beading taken a slightly...fruity turn. My second Etsy store is the new home for my pieces, which I am now locally known for. Nothing can quite grab the eye like a brightly colored bracelet filled with adorable little fruits, and I get loads of compliments on my trademark citrus earrings! Instead of hogging all the fruit beads for myself, I thought I would make a few pieces inspired by the ones I've been sporting around town and share them with other fruitarians, frugivores, raw foodies, and other people who just love fruit THAT MUCH!

I hope you're all having a bright, fruity day! I woke up this morning to find FROST on my windshield! I've got to get out there and dig up those roots before the cold sets in! I've got my eye on a bramble of overgrown blackberry vines just waiting to be harvested for some wildcrafted Blackberry Root extract. See you soon with more adventures in living the holistic life for cheap!

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