Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fish Oil Supplements Block Chemotherapy!

Here's an article I came across that I found interesting. According to this study, two fatty acids found in over the counter fish oil supplements lead to tumors becoming immune to treatment.

So, according to this research, fish oils can reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs. Interesting points in this article are the fact that this study was performed on mice, not humans, and that the human body already makes these fatty acids, but that fish oils provide them in abundance.

Who here takes fish oils? Not me! Even if I weren't vegan, I still wouldn't take them. Why? Well...have you ever seen organic fish oils? All fish oils contain mercury. I'd love to hear from a company who can guarantee me mercury-free EFA fish oil. Now, there's levels of certification out there for "safe" levels of mercury, but really...how much mercury do you think is safe, especially when considering that you're going to be taking it on a daily basis? These aren't pure, raw oils we're talking about, either. They've been processed, heated, distilled...and I'm sure you know what happens to fats when they're heated. They become rancid. I've already got enough toxicity on my plate that's simply unavoidable. Since I can avoid this toxin by avoiding the supplement, I'll do so.

A great diet is loaded with essential fatty acids, and really, they are everywhere! They occur naturally in the most common of foods...fruits and vegetables! Dark, leafy greens have naturally occurring fatty acids, and Kale alone contains over 100 mg of Omega 3 in a single serving!

I can understand wanting to get large doses of these amazing nutrients, so how about a tablespoon of chia seed in your smoothie today? 15 grams of chia seed contains an amazing 3,000 mg of Omega 3 per serving. Hemp also provides high doses of many EFAs as well as an impressive amino acid profile.

And what about DHA? Have you heard it's only found in fish oil? That simply isn't true. Algae oil contains DHA, which is exactly where the fish get it! Why not skip the fish and go straight to the source?

How do you get your essential fatty acids? Do you think we can get enough through diet alone, or does everyone need to supplement?

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