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I've got a super simple high raw pudding recipe that kids will DEVOUR (trust me, mine can't get enough) but first I bet you're wondering what's up with the sudden switch back to blogger. Well, to put it simply- I hate Webs' Blog system. It's so...blah. Kind of sterile and isolated. I'm leaving it up there, but I miss the Blogger experience. So, back to sharing.

Right now I'm experience an amazing shift into a period of motion in real life. Things are moving, quickly, rapidly, and I'm doing my best to keep up. Truth be told, I'm enjoying the rush. I absolutely love having a long to do list. I'm currently editing a short instructional video on different methods of medicinal herbal teas, so there's some fun interactive toys to look forward to around here. In addition, Morning Star Apothecary is alive and well, and if you haven't been over to my Etsy shop you can find a wide variety of 100% natural, chemical free, preservative free, perfume free and toxin free herbal medicines and products.

In fact, there's an amazingly gentle and creamy pure Shea Butter Based Comfrey and Mullein Healing Salve on sale right now and it's shipping for free, but there's only one so be sure to check it out, because the auction ends in a matter of days. I always have a huge tin of this stuff lying around, since my kids are 2 and 4 and at that prime bumps, bruises and scrapes age. However, I've been using it successfully on a really bad rash I've had for awhile now. It's multipurpose, antibacterial, and really, really handy to have around, and It's over here on eBay.

Speaking of kids, my kids can't seem to get enough of this Chia Superfood pudding. My kids eat a high raw diet like mine, but they somehow manage to get a lot more crap on their plates than I do. Maybe it's Grandma, or the need for quick snacks on the go, but I'm always on the lookout for ways to cram more REAL food into their little tummies, which is one of the reasons I loved "Creating Healthy Children" so much. This recipe isn't taken from that book, but there are plenty of them in case you were wondering.

The great thing about Chia pudding recipes is that there are as many of them as there are people who eat them. Like any great mainstay, you use what you've got on hand at the time. So, aside from the base of chia seeds, liquid, and fruit...go crazy! However, don't omit the greens, because in this recipe the flavor doesn't particularly stand out, so it's a great way to get more raw greens into your kids. Just be sure to use milder greens, not a spicy or bitter variety.

Chia Superfood Pudding
4 tablespoons of chia seeds
2 cups of creamy liquid. Raw nut and seed mylks are the obvious first choice, but you can always go for regular almond, soy, rice, hemp, etc. 
10 drops Stevia or 1 teaspoon Xylitol (optional)
1 banana
1/2 cup organic berries
2-3 handfuls of baby spinach
 Optional: Go wild with the superfoods here and toss in some green powder, coconut butter, hemp powder, bee pollen, or anything else you have on hand. You can also toss in about 1/2 cup soaked raw nuts of seeds to make it an extra filling meal.

Soak the chia seeds in the liquid for at least an hour, and even overnight if you think that far ahead. That's kind of hit or miss for me. You want the seeds and the liquid to form a pudding, so stir the seeds in well and give it time. You can always add more liquid or seeds to desired consistency. When you've got your base, dump it into your food processor with the S blade and throw in everything else on top and let that sucker spin. It'll take less than a minute, unless you added whole nuts or seeds. You want a creamy, but thick, consistency, something that can be eaten with a spoon. The chia and the banana blend together so well to create the pudding, and nothing I've come up with can match this super sweet combination.

That's it. No stove, no oven, no microwave. Just real food for real people. It's simpler than it sounds, and so, so delicious. It's easy to adjust for a low-fat diet, as well. Chia seeds are remarkably low in calories, despite their super high levels of Omega 3 and 9. By omitting any extra fats and loading up on greens and extra fruits, this can be a simple fruit pudding with a little extra bind to hold it all together.

I'll be back with pictures, my gentle friends :) Dragonfruit, Vitamix Ice Cream...oh, the fun we have!

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